Apr 10, 2008

Olympics At Tio Joey's House

In watching the protest of the running of the Olympic torch. I'm reminded of when I was a child and we had family functions at Tio (Uncle) Joey's house. You see no one in my family look forward to being "hosted" by Tio Joey. He was very abusive to his family and treated everyone else more or less in the same way.

When you went into his home you felt the tension and wanted to rescue his amazing and lovely wife Titi Aida, and his two kids from his clutches. Let me just say one particular holiday party ended, with Tio Joey coming to our apartment around the corner at the end of the evening, with a knife, and threatening my mother and Titi Maria. He was a real asshole. I imagine that today he's more or less the same.

So now, China gets the Olympic games. Let's keep it real. They are basically passing hosting duties among the U.N. superpowers. I look forward to when India gets to that level. I am so going to those Olympics. Now back to China. China has a long and horrendous history regarding honoring human rights. The people of Tibet have been terrorized by the Chinese government. Moreover, if you are trying to exercise your rights of free press, speech or assembly, in China, you are so fucked. Again, keeping it real. To throw the big party known as the Olympics requires lots of money. China has a fat purse.

So now the world will go to a house where they know shit aint right. It will be tense. And, they will hope that nothing goes seriously wrong. It is soooo party at Tio Joey's house. This all happened before when Russia hosted the event. Y'all remember? Right? The boycott? The U.S. didn't go. Poor President Carter, he was too Christian to be President. The integrity President Carter showed is rare in this world; and among IOC members and judges.

My advice to the folks going to China. Hey, you decided to go to the party so suck it up when you see the bullshit. Deal with it and learn from it. And to those folks, take it back to where you came from and help those lovely people in China do something about it.

P.S. The lovely Titi Aida realized that she and her children had enough of the bullshit. One day Tio Joey came home from one of his drinking binges and found that the family he terrorized, packed up and left him high and dry. You go Titi Aida. That is how you reclaim your life.

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