Apr 21, 2008

What Would Jesus Say?

Source of Images: Betty Bower's "The No Sin Zone Blog"

I was going to ignore the Pope's visit; however, today I find I'm not in a turn the other cheek kinda mood.

The Pope came to visit a President responsible for starting a heinous war that is killing and maiming people by the thousands. During his visit he got the red carpet treatment which included singing happy birthday to him, with a big ol' cake. I wonder if the Pope ever had a cake that big back when he was a Nazi Youth member.

Where in the bible is the chapter and verse that justifies this hypocrisy? And, where would I find justification for the vulgar display of power and wealth?

All I can remember is that Jesus tore up the marketplace because of the shady dealings and corruption taking place.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm so over the pope too. I still don't understand the fanaticism over his visiting. It's not like the pope's getting his silk garbs dirty by raising up the poor like Mother Teresa. Well, I did go to Catholic school for 12 years so natch I'm jaded.

Kitty said...

They did go waayyyyyy overboard with the Pope thing.

The shoes and hat are Prada so it's okay that they look foolish.

Dave said...

hmmm... two things, ironic of course.

1) I actually used that "oh but the pope was a member of the Hitler Youth as a child" in some argument with my mother this weekend.

2) Yeah, thanks pope, for making it take almost 3 hours for me to drive to NJ this weekend (that was after having to reroute the whole trip so I didn't go near midtwon or the GWB.

ok. forgot about 3) Reminds me of that Margaret Cho in Assassin: "I wan't Jesus to come back and say "That's not what I meant!""