Apr 11, 2008

My Most Recent Food Obsessions

Lately I have had the most interesting obsessions with certain foods. No! I am not pregnant. Here is my list of things I crave, enjoy and eat far too much of:

Yes, good people, I went back to basics and have been loving my saltine crackers. I'm real old school with my snacking on them. I either put a thin layer of mayonaise on them and munch away. My older but wiser self limits me to no more than 7 per snacking frenzy. Hey, Mayo has tons of fat.

If I'm feeling festive I peel off the plastic on a slice of processed cheese, fold the cheese into fours, and have four lovely crunchy cheese sandwhiches.

And, keeping it classic, I crumble them into a little bowl of soup, or use them as a spoon to eat my thick, spicy, turkey chili with beans. HELLO!

I loves me some Chili. Que sabor! Depending on what is on sale or looks fresh in the market I use ground turkey, chicken, beef or pork, when making my Chili. If my budget allows I even combine two different types of ground meat. The key to combining meats in a chili is that one should be strong in texture and one should bring some flavor to the dish. Just remember to brown the meat and drain out the animal fat. Then add a little olive oil to introduce some healthy fat.

I use various beans from the traditional red kidney to white navy beans, and even black eye peas. I also sometimes add mixed veggies, like corn, string beans, and peas. Bottom line, when I make Chili I feel the rule should be throw everything into the pot and let them commune. Then eat it up with some saltines.

Whether frozen or fresh Broccoli is a SUPERFOOD. The health benefits of Broccoli are legendary. I love it steamed and then drizzled with olive oil, that was worked in a mortar and pestle with a roasted or poached clove of garlic, salt and pepper. I'm Puerto Rican, I loves my garlic. I then indulge the dish with a modest sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. I'm lying. The Parmesan cheese sprinkling is not that modest. The sprinkling of cheese is actually rather confident, but not arrogant.

I love the little fish known as Tilapia. The goddess smiled when she made this fish, because she knew she made it in the appropriate proportion for us to enjoy. I believe when you make fish you don't fuss with it too much. So, I wash my Tilapia filets with some lemon and water, then season with salt and pepper.

I place the filets on a foil lined tray that was lightly greased with some olive oil, and the sprinkle on top some herb seasoned breadcrumbs that were moistened with olive oil. I broil for about 15 minutes and enjoy!

My favorite herbs to use are parsely, dried orgeano and basil. On a budget, then buy that jar of Italian Seasoning herbs and you're good.

So there you have it. What I've been eating a lot of these past few days. Please note I'm not mentioning the junk food I consume while at school. But, that is another post.


Kitty said...

"The sprinkling of cheese is actually rather confident, but not arrogant. "

I love that line!

Allan S. said...

I had to come clean. Thank you.

Junior said...

Please talk about the junk food Allan, as this post made me feel so bad about opening that package of Zebra Cakes I keep in my desk. And when I say "opening," I mean "opening again."