Apr 15, 2008

I Miss This Woman

Madeline Kahn is one of my legends. I have to say she had never disappointed me. She past away in 1999 to ovarian cancer. I miss her. And, it sucks I won't get to see anything new with her in it. What comforts me is that I have these gems to go back to from time to time.

In this scene from "Paper Moon", Madeline plays the character of Trixie Delight. She works on the daughter of a man she is trying to hustle. You see the daughter is a little hustler herself and is trying to protect her daddy. This is how you own a scene when you have to play opposite an adorable talented child.

I crushed on her in "What's Up Doc" but then became devoted after seeing her in Blazing Saddles. Here is why.

Here's a clip from "Gemini." Thank you Madeline. You was one cool and crazy white lady. BTW, Rita Moreno makes an appearance. I'll sing her praises in another post.

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Junior said...

Allan, I had to tell you, I never watched all of "Paper Moon," I'd only seen parts with Tatum O'Neal. But I watched the whole thing on AMC over the weekend and have been quoting Ms. Kahn ever since!