Apr 8, 2008


Junior posted an interesting post. He talked about how some woman in the world are buying time with Asian men. This was my comment to his response:

Darling Junior, it often comes down to power and what is exotic. Miss Kitty posted about women from Europe going to Africa for some Mandingo dick. People fuck.

People are powerless and want to feel powerful. Hence the many arrays of fetish play. So, the peon at work wants a person it can dominate.

On the flip-side, the asshole at work that treats people like crap, get his nuts stepped on by Mistress Bow-to-me-Pig-Man.

I'm so glad you picked Mr. Giggalo in this post. It is totally about buying what you cannot have in your real life.

Sex workers need some more respect. Sex workers can balance out the madness. Think about it. That sexually frustrated, social awkward, kinkified mind needs a release. If he or she doesn't get it, their target may be a young child that can't fight back, or drivers on the highway. Some people need to satisfy their living by cock, cunt or caliber.

The human race in America and other "civilized" countries moved away from nature in a very dangerous way. Many people loss sense of connection, time and intimacy.

Many a man and woman are fixed on the quick fix and a script. These fucked up heads want predictability in an unpredictable world.


Kitty said...

I read about this yesterday.

I think it would be harder for a male for females rentboy in Japan since he would have to be able to hold his own around Japanese business men but not insult the women who paid for him by acting condescendingly towards them when in mixed professional company.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage, Allan! And as I said, I completely agree!