Apr 17, 2008

When A Good Cause Meets A Bad Idea

While reading about that Yale student that played around with artificial insemination and self-induced abortions in the name of art. I'm reminded of another stupid idea that is being carried out at my school in the name of charity.

This is the second year the SCSU Police Department along with Beta Mu Sigma fraternity will hold it's 2nd Annual Jail 'N' Bail charity event. This event is held as a fundraiser for the athletes of Special Olympics Connecticut.

Basically you pay $5.00 for a "warrant" to have a friend or co-worker arrested and sent to "jail." The "arrested" individual then has to call family and friends to raise a minimum of $50.00 to bail them out. Oh! It gets better. The event will be broadcast on the University TV station and broadcasted live in the student cafeterias. Plus, everyone that fills out a warrant or goes to jail will get a free T-Shirt. Yay!

Now, this idea strikes me as asinine on many levels. Let me explain.

I feel confident in saying that most students of color, in particular, the males ones, see nothing cute about having to play out a cuffed and lock-down scenario.

Many of us Black and Brown guys have had a history of unpleasant experiences with the Po Po. It was not uncommon for me to get stopped and searched by police in my old neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn, back when I was a teenager. From what I understand from the kids at the high school where I work, things have not changed much. Racial and Geographic profiling is real y’all.

I’d like for you to consider the fact that there is a disproportionate amount of Black and Brown men in prison. Moreover, our judicial system, while capable of producing wonderful examples of justice, is also prone to some fucked up shit. Think about all the innocent people that are locked up, and how money can get you a “get out of jail” card

This event belittles a major issue in this country. Over a million Americans are in prison. The incarceration of so many people is a social issue that should be of great concern for us as a country. I see nothing humorous nor fun about playing cops and robbers on a university campus.

Last year I saw two white guys getting “fake arrested” and laughing about it. One of them said all wigga-like “Yo, I’m getting put on lock down, call my peoples.” I couldn’t help but think about real people that say those same words everyday; however, their voice cracks with emotion and fear is in their eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that is def a good cause/bad idea. When someone starts to freak out and then pass out when getting fake arrested, that's when all the fun will stop...