Apr 18, 2008

Stop Perpetrating A Fraud

Back in the day, whenever someone was being phony or straight up lying, one would say, "Stop perpetrating a fraud." It's annoying to see someone fake the funk, kiss ass, bullshit, and spin the story around. These past two weeks I've seen plenty of it with the folks running for President.

-McCain's wifey tried to sell herself as this domestic goddess. What she didn't count on was the so called "family recipes" not from Grandma, but rather the chefs at the Food Network. C'mon! One look at Mrs. Thang and you know she goes into the kitchen to see what her cook has prepared. She made sure she married at a certain class, because she knew she couldn't boil water.

-Hillary taking shots and drinking beer. Child please! I would've drank her under the table when I was 13. Watching her take those awkward sips of devil juice was painful to watch. She's the kinda drinker that leaves a bottle of beer half filled.

-Obama is throwing his controversial people to the wayside. Basically his approach is to say something along the lines of "We aint that close," "He's a friend, of a friend, of a cousin of an acquaintance."

I'm going to make factcheck.org a regular stop on my web browsing routine.

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