Mar 12, 2009

Allan's Book Club

I've been reading again. Let me share some recommendations:

My homeskillet Izzy gave me this book for Christmas. I adored it. The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao is the kind of book that makes you laugh within a sad tale. Junot Diaz writes with an authentic urban Latino voice that excites me. The narrator reminded me of one of my boys from the old neighborhood. And, you get some scandalous history laced throughout the book.

A story of revolution that is transforming the world has been shared in Revolutionizing Motherhood, The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Over thirty years ago a group of mothers in Argentina banded together and challenged a tyrannical government that "disappeared" their adult children. They turned their pain, fear and outrage into empowered political action that has become a global movement.

As the author Marguerite Guzman Bouvard puts it, they demonstrated to the world “a new model for human rights activity.” The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo continue to redefine for themselves, and all who hear their story, how the hand the rocks the cradle, can rock the world with love and human dignity as the purpose.


Wonder Man said...

interesting choices

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Nice to read something other than a text book or a journal article... Eh?? LOL

Allan S. said...

Amen to that Todd.

Kitty said...

Just started reading Junot Diaz. What's the translation for fua? I will require translations as I go so be prepared.
Double down on the, "Amen".