Mar 25, 2009

Yet Another Flashback

As a child I was labeled as odd, with tremendous curiosity, a vivid imagination, and didn't censor myself verbally. I got a lot of whacks from mom's belt because of that. But, let's not go there, for now. I am proud to say I am still odd, curious, imaginative and when appropriate, do not censor expressing myself verbally.

Anyway. I just saw a commercial for SC Johnson's Scrubbing Bubbles. As a kid I truly believed the bubbles in that can had a face and enjoy cleaning all the nastiness in the bathroom. When I was about 7, I convinced my mother to buy a can. When she brought it home, I grabbed it and ran to the bathroom to release them to do their thing. I was amazed at the fizzy sound created as the bubbles slowly glided down the porcelain. In my mind, the sound of the fizzing, was a million little voices telling each other, slowly and with determination to "clean."

I could not see the faces and believed it was because I needed a microscope in order to see them. I then knew what I wanted Santa to bring me that year.


Wonder Man said...

I used to like the commercial too

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute memory!

I too had (have?) a sharp tongue that led me into trouble so I understand!

libhom said...

Your mother should have taken advantage of that to get the whole bathroom clean.