Mar 28, 2009

Cartoon For Grown Folks

This is why we need to mind the store people. Nevermind who is in office, we got to keep things in check.


Kitty said...

It's starting to look like some of the conservative Democrats are making "Deals for Deposits" themselves. Maybe all of 'em should have to list every visit with a lobbyist, anywhere, for anything on "The People's Website" weekly.

J. Clarence said...

It's so sad, but so true, that this is how our government works. This is why public financing is so important. When it takes millions to run for a job for 4 or 6 year intervals we run into this problem.

Unfortunately, it isn't likely that that we will see public financing anytime soon, as that would be like asking the fox guarding the hen house to become a vegetarian.

Wonder Man said...

A sad telling reality