Mar 2, 2009

I Smell My 41st Birthday....Hallelujah

By this time next week I will have been on this planet for 41 years. I have to say that lately, I've been feeling my age. The age creeps in somewheres around the middle, towards the end, in between the crack, around the bend, and where you least expect it.

Getting older is often a very subtle experience. When it makes it homes it tells you, "oh darling this is a passing thing", or "honey you should have not eaten that", better yet, "that feeling is scary so ignore it". Yeah it fucks with your head.

The good parts about getting mature in the world is the journey also tells you, "I know better, I can do better", "I know how to do better", and believe it or not it tells you, "damn I'm silly". Laughing at yourself is a benefit of getting older.

Taking yourself so fucking serious is very taxing. That is why the burden of the idea that the world revolves around me, rest of the shoulders of the younger folk. They are immature enough to think they can handle that hot mess of a thought.

Us older folks know, if I do me right, and let my light shine bright, I'll be alright. Within that thought we also realize that by moving within the light, we can turn the world around. Power to the people.

A sage told Rosemary not to waste too much time.


Seth said...

Happy Almost Birthday


very true statements there. although i started feeling old right after 30 hit LOL.

Kitty said...

At 41,while things do creep up on you the true high-ridin' bitch knows how to put a stiletto in it and keep moving on...even if it is with less speed. ;-)

When I was the hare I was easily distracted, now that I'm the tortoise I keep my eye on the prize and don't get sidetracked by "shiny".

bunnilove said...

I feel younger now than before, for pretty much the same reasons you talked about in your post, I've let the small stuff go. I've also realized the power within me, something you're not fully aware of when your younger. Youth tends to rest on their laurels, believing that their age will be enough. I do a lot more things now just for me: I get dressed up more, why am I saving things for a special occasion?, make sure my hair and make-up is done, asking myself a lot more "how will this benefit me", it's not selfish, it's self-preservation.

Kitty made a point: I'm definitely a lot less distracted now.

Wonder Man said...

happy close to b-day