Mar 25, 2009

For Jun

Junior is still squeezing out the juice over at his blog. He recently did a post on his Favorite Spoken Word Sections in Non-Spoken Word Songs. I may have pushed the boundaries with one that I commented on in his blog. It is the legendary song, Walking In The Rain With The One I Love, by Barry White, and featuring Love Unlimited. It may not qualify based on the criteria set by his awesome list.

Good people, let me take you back.


Wonder Man said...

love it

Junior said...

Thanks Allan! I literally pulled the songs I chose directly from my iTunes list and do you know what?

I realized I missed so many! Not only does Love Unlimited's count, it's essential! Plus, I forgot Carol Douglas' "Doctor's Orders" ("Hi honey, it's me. I went to see the doctor today...") and Alicia Keys' "You Don't Know My Name" ("You always order the special, with the hot chocolate...")

I may have to do another list.

Allan S. said...

I smell a sequel.