Mar 9, 2009

This Chimp Aint No Chump

"A male chimpanzee in a Swedish zoo planned hundreds of stone-throwing attacks on zoo visitors, according to researchers.

Keepers at Furuvik Zoo found that the chimp collected and stored stones that he would later use as missiles.

Further, the chimp learned to recognise how and when parts of his concrete enclosure could be pulled apart to fashion further projectiles."

I love this story for the following reasons:

1. Shows that we're not the only mammals that use the grey matter in our heads.

2. Santino got sick and tired of having to deal with people all up in his business. Therefore, he empowered himself to fight back!

3. In my twisted imagination, I can see Santino cracking up when he landed a stone on a target.

4. Santino displayed better planning and foresight skills than Georgie Bush.

5. You mess with Santino, and you get a rock to your head.

Source: BBC News click here for full story