Mar 23, 2009

Dysfunctional Baby Booms

TLC is going to air a new show called Table for Twelve. It's another show about a family with way too many kids, very Jon & Kate Plus 8, which airs on the same network. I'm sorry but this shit makes me sick. We should not be celebrating people that are breeding like fucking rabbits.

Why would a 1st world family need so many kids? They are not working acres of land, or herding a flock of sheep. They are just creating more consumers to buy crap that pollutes the planet. The over population of the planet is causing serious problems around the globe.

Mind you I would never advocate for sterilization, however, I would tell the Octomoms of the world that they are not doing themselves or anyone a favor by reproducing to the point that it becomes pathological. I also question the quality of parenting, modern day parents can do with a gaggle of kids.

BTW, it's been reported that Jon has been creeping on Kate.


Bob said...

"reproducing to the point that it becomes pathological"

That is exactly the problem.
No one seems concerned with what happens after, only the now.

If people would just stop and think, maybe we'd have a few less folks messing it up 'round here.

Kitty said...

Putting on baby shows cost pretty close to nothing but the payout in advertisement dollars is huge and can go on for years. It all boils down to money and the reason people dislike the Octuplet mom is her calculated goal of fame and money. It shatters the "Oops" illusion people want to believe in when it comes to multiple births. No one wants to except the truth that these people intentionally did this and that if their Christian beliefs were as strong as they spout on about they never would have done IVF in the first place because it violated God's Plan for them.