Mar 30, 2009

Haiku - Expressions of the Erotic Nature

Recently some of my favorite blogs have been sharing sexy stuff with the readers. Check out V's blog. Hey, even Junior shared his inner-freak with us.

I've been inspired by their posts and the erotic art of Goh Mishima. I decided to do another round of Haikus. Haikus are traditionally written about nature. What is more natural than some slap and tickle? Please note the following is for grown folks.

the lovers

caressed by the love
all of me is shared with you
lover knows my soul

the torturous crush

I said no, don't care
seeing you reveals my lie
master bound my heart

the trick

rough trade, smells like beer
hard cock, tight ass, uses spit
you pump, dump, then go

the music of men

hard cocks have a beat
funky jazzy fuck rhythms
improvise in me

the slave of sex

one that is free, yet
captive to constant yearning
for flesh, time to feed

The erotic art of Goh Mishima can be purchased here.


Anonymous said...

How come your sexy post comes off classy and intellectual and mine is so fourth grade... I guess that says a lot doesn't it? Also loving the fourth one!

Allan S. said...

Thank you Junior for the comment. Your sexy post was right on. It left me feeling hot and bothered with a smile on my face. Who could ask for anything more.

Wonder Man said...

very sexy art...I love it