Mar 1, 2009

Getting In Other People's Business

Yeah, it's none of my business what Chris Brown and Rihanna do with their lives. I don't know them personally. I also don't know the details of that night when she got beat down by him and then he left on her own. Moreover, I don't know the extent of their relationship and all of the feelings they have wrapped up into each other.

What I do know, is that a lot of people fall victim to abuse at the hands of their so called loved one. I also know that part of what goes with the physical abuse is a mental abuse, that often leaves the victims feeling confused about what exactly is going on. I've also seen and experienced that when you are young, you think you can do something to make that special person in your life, do right by you and never hurt you again.

It's been reported that Rihanna didn't call the cops on Chris after he beat her. It was her screams caused by the pain of the attack that were overheard by a good samaritan, that prompted the call to the cops. This leads me to believe that what happen that night was business as usual.

Rihanna call Tina Turner and get schooled. You are too young and talented to latch onto some punk that will be the next Bobby Brown or Danny Bonaduce. Let me say young lady, that things will never be the same. The trust was broken, and you've been violated.

It would be amazing to send a message to the young girls that look up to you, that it is never cool for a guy to beat you.

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Kitty said...

Just read the transcripts of what that little boy did...he's got some serious issues. Lil' Mama needs an intervention and some self-esteem development classes so she can get done with him because that boy is going to seriously maim or kill her.