Mar 23, 2009

I Missed The Boat

Okay, like all of the cool kids are blogging about Battlestar Galactica. I totally missed the boat on this one and I'm feeling silly about it. From what I'm reading it seems like it was a well done show.

I also feel icky because I know Edward James Olmos. I worked with him on the Americanos project, during my public relations days at Time Warner. He's a very cool guy; down-to-earth and no divo bullshit.

Can someone, anyone, tell me how I can get all caught up and take the journey in search of earth.


Aaron said...

He is such a good actor and actually directed many of the best episodes.

The miniseries and seasons are all available by torrent. You can also check out low res ones on
The best way tho is to get the box sets or borrow them from the library

The miniseries is where you should start and should be the easiest to find. Set aside a weekend, yur gonna need it!

libhom said...

The miniseries is on Netflix. It is better viewed as a movie without the commercials anyway.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Yeah... Netflix would be the answer... Unless you want to go to Amazon and start buying them... But, yes... It's DEF worth watching!