Mar 17, 2009

It's All Very Blade Runneresque

Okay, so I recall many moons ago I went to go hang out at a friend's house. He had on his VCR (that way back), a Japanese anime porn movie going. I was disgusted. The female characters in that move were constantly raped and mutilated. He totally found it fierce and I never looked at him the same way. It's so strange when you find out a long-time friend is a bit of a sick puppy.

Anyway, I saw this news article about a female robot created in Japan. I'm sure she was designed with good intentions in mind. However, I couldn't help but think about that anime movie and how it influenced what I think went through the minds of the Japanese male geek set that created this robot. I'm thinking she was made in order to do nasty, dirty, filthy things to. It just creeps me out.

I personally think that robots should not look human. I think we should always know we are dealing with a machine. This is like online love affairs taken to another level. It's like some in humanity are moving towards a mindset that we want our interactions with human or human-like beings to always be programmed to please us. Why deal with people when you can have this contraption around to fill your every need. Very Stepford Wives!

Take a look and tell me what you think.


Kitty said...

I think they put a chick's head on an ASIMO's updated body in order to appeal to rich lonely dudes that are bored with their Real Doll companions.

Wonder Man said... never know what's next

Anonymous said...

The beautiful thing about the human brain (and the rest of the body for that matter) is that it is so complex that scientists still cannot figure out how to make a machine do everything humans can do as fluidly as humans can.

So while the Lady AI may fulfill a few people's robot person fantasies, it will be a long time coming before there are realistic humanoid robots roaming around doing stuff for us.

But if that time is sooner rather than later, I would like one that looks like Taye Diggs. Just sayin'.